Monday, April 14, 2008

Tuff Truck 08

Tuff Truck 08 as with previous years lived up to all expectations. I took my father and good friend Ryan once again. This is an event my father never stops raving about, for a man of 65+ he is like a big boy when it comes to this stuff. We made early start this year to ensure a good camping spot and by midday we were all setup and ready for the action.

Friday nights mud proved a little hard for some with only a handful of trucks completing the course, while others had plenty of work to get their trucks right again. Saturday had teams tackling 3 new stages plus a few of the old faithfuls, some teams were successfully, others were quick to learn the wrong way and few even laid their vehicles over or worse, onto their roof.
As the day progressed it was evident that the only winner, was the course. Countless trucks had to return to the pits for repairs with a few trucks having to retire from the event.

Saturday nights mud was less impressive than the previous nights and it wasn’t long before the crowd turned to making its own fun. Thank you to those ladies who had the male crowd going wild. Sunday started slowly, weary heads, more retirements, but amongst the dust would come an outstanding drive. The devils marbles brought out the best in some while the rock garden proved to be the place to loose a bit of paintwork. A runaway tyre and a rollover nearly proved fatal for spectators. Eventually as the dust settled and the storm clouds rolled in the winner by only 8 points was “Team Evolution” in the huge GU Patrol.

Bring on next year, I’ll be there

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura

If our Easter wasn’t bad enough with kids and hospital, then this past week has been a whole new experience.
A week or so ago Samantha started complaining of joint pain in her lower body, my wife and dismissed it as growing pains but it persisted to a point where there was swelling in her ankles, thighs and then her lower back. Most afternoons and into the night the pain was so bad that all Sam could do was sit on the lounge. We had her to the doc’s where some tests were carried out, but no specific diagnosis was confirmed.

A day later Sam started to break out in a rash/spots on her lower body. We were both concerned and rushed her to casualty thinking it may have been Meningococcal. Thankfully the doctors quickly dismissed our fears, but they were concerned with Sam’s condition, enough to admit her to the children’s wards for observation.

After a few days testing and a visit by the paediatric doctor Sam’s diagnosis was confirmed as “Henoch-Schoenlein Purpura”. Yep, you may ask what the! Its a rare inflammation of small blood vessels. It is unknown what causes it but it only affects about 14 out of 100000 schoolchildren each year. A fact sheet on it can be found here

The end result of this was that Sam had to spend a week in hospital under observation. Thankfully she’s at home now and on the road to a fully recovery. Its amazing the viruses that are out there now and how quickly your life can change when you or one of your family get struck down by one of them.