Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shine a Light

I was lucky enough last night to attend a special screening of the new Rolling Stones film “Shine a Light” after winning some tickets on the local radio station.
I’ve been a bit of a closet Rollin’ Stones fan ever since I seen them at the SCG back in 1995 as part of their Voodoo Lounge tour. So with an open mind I went along to what I’d call a doco/concert filmed for the big screen. The film directed by Martin Scorsese is shot at the Beacon theatre (very similar to the Enmore theatre in Sydney) in New York, back in 2006.

The movie I thought was OK, not something I’d rush out to buy. It has a lot of old footage and interviews from the bands younger years that is edited in between songs. The band plays to a packed house, which includes the then president, Bill Clinton. What stood out for me is just how old these guys are now. Obviously too much of the good life. They’ve been performing for 46 years now and with the close-up camera work they look every bit of the 60+ years of age they all must be.

It was an enjoyable night and great to bop along to their songs once again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Navshield ‘08

Navshield has been a part of my life since 1996. Each year has been memorable for one reason or another, I’ve had top 10 finishes and for many years I was part of the Wollongong SES team that religiously won the SES category. As the years went by my body slowly told me it was time to give up the competitive aspect of Nav. I still participate and thoroughly enjoy my navigation.

This year I teamed up with some good friends in the 1-day event. Our plan was simple, go and enjoy a day of bushwalking and navigation. Little did we realise how well we would do. The area south of Nerriga bordering on the Budawangs was the site for this year’s event. As our day unfolded we meticulously hit our mark, while the terrain was friendly the often thick undergrowth of hard harsh heath would often slow us down. From the higher points of the course some spectacular views towards the Budawangs were had.

With the day drawing to a close and our intended route pretty much complete we walked back into base an hour ahead of the scheduled finishing time. Happy with our day’s effort we’d amassed 640 points and to our surprise it was good enough for 3rd place in the 1-day event. I must thank my 2 fellow team mates for a great day.