Friday, May 24, 2013


Nothing ever prepares you for the early morning wake up call. Your heart sinks as you expect it to be family ringing with bad news. You can imagine my surprise when I answered the phone at 4am on the 24th May with the voice saying “its Constable so-n-so from Lake Illawarra Police”, he asked us various questions about our 4WD and its whereabouts. He went on to say that it was currently on fire at Dunmore.

Our Landcruiser had been stolen from out the front of our house, used a ATM ram-raid at a Kiama hotel before being ditched and burnt out….. Just great.

At first light we headed down to Swamp Rd in Dunmore where a most depressing site awaited us. Our 80 series Landcruiser was gutted, what was more depressing was the personal items that I’d lost. The glove box and console had so much trivial junk that is worthless to most and then there was the back of the car, only the weekend before I’d coordinated a 4WD course for SES and most of my recovery gear and 4x4 accessories were still in the car.

Thanks to the low-life scum who stole our car, justice will catch up with you one day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

School holidays in FN NSW

School holidays coincided with my birthday this year so we thought it’d be nice to take the kids for weeks holiday to my parents place at Lennox Head. The timing of the trip worked well and we were able to take Aj with us.

Getting an early start and with improved road conditions on the Pacific Hwy we made good time and by lunchtime we’d arrived in Lennox Head allowing us to have a relaxing afternoon.

Over the following days we caught up with friends at a local geocaching event, found a heap of local caches and took in a few tourist locations before heading up to Ipswich to catch with my sister and her family. Our latest family addition, Blade (niece – son) had grown so much since we’d seen him. They are so cute in those early years of development.

The highlight of our week-long holiday other than celebrating my birthday with family was our time at Wet n Wild on the Gold Coast. The kids couldn't care how cold it was and with wetsuits on we made the most of our day at the theme park. We tried nearly every ride on many occasion returned for a 2nd and 3rd go.

Unfortunately our holiday came to an end all too quickly and we were soon heading out west to drop Aj back at home, but not before an overnight stay at Gunnedah.

Once again, the Bere’s have enjoyed a memorable week on the far north coast of NSW.