Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ethan turns 3

They grow up so quickly, my little man (as I call him) has just turned 3. It feels like only yesterday that he was a newborn and in no time he’s now 3.

On Sunday 22nd June Ethan had a little party with his friends at ‘Hungry Jacks’. With some of his friends from preschool and a few family friends they all enjoyed a couple of hours of fun in the party room. As the kids enjoying a happy meal and a play on the maze, the parents took time to enjoy a coffee while watching the kids have fun.
Ethan received some very nice presents from his friends with the theme of most presents being ‘Bob the Builder’.
On the 24th June he celebrated his actual birthday with family. As with all our kids birthdays they can have their choice of dinner and without hesitation Ethan chose his standard nuggets and chips. Prior to dinner though, Ethan got some lovely presents from his family. A new bike being the highlight for him.

Another year bites the dust!