Friday, January 30, 2009

Samantha starts School

I think every parent says it “My little girl or boy is growing up way too fast”. As our little girl headed off to school for her first day we as parents echoed those same words.

Sam had already gotten a taste of what school was like when she did a year of prep last year, but yesterday was her first day at ‘big’ school. In the weeks leading up to the big day she’d gotten very excited as she accumulated all the necessary items. A new dress, shoes and bag were all among the items that she had for her first day. I must say "she looked great".

Once at school there were parents and children everywhere, some crying, some nervous but most were excited. Sam took it all in her stride. A kiss goodbye to Mum and Dad and she was off. It was as though last year simply rolled into this year.

Her class is ‘K Banksia’ and Mrs Blass is her teacher. Sam instantly made a new friend and hasn’t stopped talking about what she does at school. Lets hope she’s blessed with more brains than her Mum and Dad.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Holidays

Christmas in our house always involves family, this year we went to QLD to be with Leonie’s family at Noosa. We towed our caravan up there, one for accommodation while at her brothers and two so we could have an extended trip home. Getting there took us 2 days, we chose to go up the inland road thus having different scenery both ways. Our first night we stopped on the side of the road. We simply pulling into a roadside off shoot where we setup and kipped for the night.

Once at Noosa there was the usual hectic pre Christmas shopping to do and preparation for the big day. In between the hype, which is pre Christmas, we took time out to take the kids to “Australia Zoo”. The kids loved it here, they got up close to a lot of animals they’d seen in books. Regrettably Sam didn’t get to see Bindi but we did catch a glimpse of her Mother, Terri.
Christmas day was a typical Queensland scorcher, great for sitting on the deck drinking bourbon and watching the kids play with all their toys. As always we over indulged with food, but it wouldn’t be Christmas unless you didn’t stuff your face.

Soon enough it was time to start the rest of our holiday. We headed down to my parents place for a few day where we spent some relaxing time by the pool. Next it was off to “Brooms Head”. This small hamlet is on the coast east of MacLean. It has a general store and a handful of holiday houses, but Christmas time the place is packed with campers. We had a quiet New Years here (as you do with little kids). The days were full of swimming, long walks and its here that Sam learned to ride her bike without training wheels.

Our next stop was Port Macquarie, this has always been a favourite spot of ours and this time was no exception. We stayed at Lighthouse beach where we took the kids for a beach Camel ride. We visited the Koala hospital, which was a very interesting place. Once again there was plenty of time spent in the pool and the kids on their bikes. The only disappointment was having to pack up in the rain.

Our final stop was Raymond Terrace, it was suppose to be Nelsons Bay but we couldn’t even get a powered site anywhere in the bay. The out of town location didn’t bother us as we still spent to the bay each day. We spent most of our time out around Soldiers Point where the crowds were a little less intrusive. At one point we took a drive around to Fingal bay only to make a hasty retreat due to volumes of people.

Eventually all things come to an end and holiday did that. 4 weeks away had just flown, but it was one of those holidays where I can say I actually had a relaxing time. To complete our holidays we’ve just had a week with Aleesha Jayne.