Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dog Rescue

Its always good to be part of a ‘good news’ story. Yesterday (Monday 9th Nov) after many frustrating weeks there was a happy ending to a story that at times seemed quiet bizarre.

Gypsy the dog was in desperate need of being rescued from Bevans Island, which lies within Lake Illawarra. After many failed attempts a trap was set in an attempt to lure the dog into a safe location so she could be removed from the island.

Yesterday morning the trap was set and by 3.00pm the dog had been snared. A joint operation involving the RSPCA and the SES then set about retrieving Gypsy from the Island. In little over an hour the operation was complete. It involved 3 boats, RSPCA and SES members and a camera crew who captured this good story all on film for future viewing on the Animal Rescue show.

The dog, which was showing the affects of having been stranded on the island for almost 10 weeks is expected to make a full recovery.

A media story on this dog can be found here.

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