Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ethan starts School

Its another day in the life of watching your kids grow up, but such a big day in the lives of our kids. Our little man (Ethan) started school on the 1st Feb. Decked out in his new uniform and armed with his school bag he toddled off with not a care in the world.

With Mum and Dad by his side he walked into class, met the teacher and immediately took to playing with all the new toys. I think this was helped by the fact that over the past few years he's watched his sister do the same routine with minimal fuss.

While Ethan was excited to start, Sam was equally excited. All she talked about was being able to buy her little brother things from the canteen. However on the other hand, Mum was in despair. All her children are growing up way too fast.

Its now 2 weeks since Ethan started school and his enthusiasm hasn't waned. He's made lots of new friends and loves the outdoor activities. His teacher says "he's progressing well". Thats my little man.

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