Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Swiftwater Rescue Multi Agency Training Day

On the 9th March 2011 Twenty-one (21) Illawarra Emergency Service members participated in a Multi Agency Swiftwater Rescue training day. The activity was the first of its kind held at the Penrith Whitewater facility.

Members from attended the day;
· Police Rescue Squad - Illawarra
· NSW Ambulance Service – Illawarra
· State Emergency Service – Wollongong
· State Emergency Service – Kiama
· State Emergency Service – ISC Region

With not every agency having ‘Level 3 technicians’ the day proved very successful in sharing various rescue techniques, skills and knowledge that may be used in future operations together.

Some of the skills and techniques undertaken on the day were;
· Defensive and Offensive swimming
· Rescue rope work
· Live bait rescues
· Tensioned diagonal rescues
· Shallow water crossings
· Foot entrapment

The day concluded with all members participating in a free swim around the whitewater course. Feedback from all participants was very positive and rewarding. All Services voiced their approval and interest in future activities.

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