Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Reaching this milestone in our marriage has been filled with an array of highs and lows, but it has been a journey that I wouldn't change.

To celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary I had originally thought of surprising Leonie with a weekend on the Gold Coast. After deciding to do the planning as a team effort we both agreed to head to Melbourne for a weekend.

On the 10-12th Apr the 2 of us took a flight to Melbourne where we stayed in the luxurious 5-star “Stamford Plaza Hotel”. Amongst other things, we had planned a relaxing 3 days soaking up the sights of Melbourne. Once at the hotel we were immediately taken by the quality. Bell-boys, concierge and countless staff seen to our comforts. The room was majestic, a TV screen welcomed us with a message of enjoyment.

The rest of our day was spent enjoying a walk in the rain around the Botanical Gardens, like two big kids. That night we headed into Chinatown where we dined in a little quaint Chinese restaurant enjoying a 2-course meal with a bottle of red.

Sunday was to be a fun filled day, we headed up to the Queens St markets where we strolled the isles in search of that night’s dinner and some treats for the kids. Heading back into town we freshened up before hitting the theatre. Our first stage-play in many years and we’d picked a ripper. “Rock of Ages” was absolutely unreal. We both sung and danced along to all the songs.
To complete the night we dined on a home cooked meal in our room before relaxing in the spa with a number of alcoholic beverages.

Our last day in town and we chose to do a bit of shopping. We headed down to the DFO shops but were sadly disappointed as they didn't open within our time constraints and had to leave. Our last appointment before heading home was to partake in a relaxing Japanese massage. This experience was just what we needed to unwind before we headed home.

Reality was soon upon us as we boarded our flight home and back to our awaiting kids, who’d missed us deeply.

If this is how we celebrate our 10th anniversary, I can’t wait for another 10 years.
I love you Leonie with all my heart.

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