Sunday, January 6, 2013

Festive Season 12-13

It really is a joyous time of year and one that we always spend with family. This year all of Leonie’s family came together at her brother’s place on the Sunshine Coast. It’d been a few years since we’d been to their place for Christmas so we were looking forward to our holiday.

We got an early jump on the holiday traffic by leaving a day early. After picking the kids up from Grandmas we headed up the pacific Highway, the usual traffic jams were encountered around the various roadwork sites, but overall it was a good run up to my parents at Lennox Head.

The following day we drove the remaining few hours to the Sunshine Coast. After a warm welcome we were soon setup in our caravan enjoying the spoils of being in the holiday mode. Over the following days the rest of the extended family arrived taking our numbers to 20 people under the one roof.

As Christmas Eve approached the gifts under the tree and the excitement grew. Our kids couldn’t wait and as Christmas dawned the kids were awake at 5am anxious to open their presents. By mid-morning presents were open and we’d polished off a hearty breakfast. Lunch and dinner seemed to blend into one as we consumed a feast of seafood, meats and salads. The day concluded with us relaxing on the veranda.

The following days were more of the same with plenty of food, drink and relaxation consumed. Eventually we packed up and made our way down the coast to my sister’s place at Ipswich. It was here that we caught up with my family and celebrated a belated Christmas, which saw the kids spoilt even more.

We decided to take the kids to ‘Wet n Wild’ one day. By 10am the park was absolutely packed and thoughts of turning round soon gave way to a fun day in the water. A late afternoon thunderstorm temporarily closed the park but it also reduced the crowds allowing the remainder of the day to be queue free. By days end, the kids were totally exhausted and we’d had a great family day out.

After celebrating Dad’s birthday with him it was time to head for home and chose to travel inland. We stopped at Tamworth for 2 nights where we celebrate New Year’s, Tamworth style. The caravan park put on a Country music night complete with band and travellers revelling in the festive spirit.

Regrettably for us, we spent a very hot New Year’s Day travelling home. Our 2 week getaway had come to an end all too quickly and it was time to return to work. Once again we’d enjoyed a memorable festive period.

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