Monday, May 19, 2014

50 days till the adventure of a lifetime

The name of this post says it all and we can’t wait. We’ve been really busy since our last update, but if you asked me “doing what” I’d struggle to give you a defined answer. There are so many little things that you think of, either home orientated or travel details that there is always something that needs to be done.

The 4WD and van have been occupying a lot of our time. We’ve started packing various clothes and linen, then repacking and repacking ‘em. Each time the quantity has been culled. The new wiring in the van has been completed and I’m happy that we can sustain a free camping lifestyle for 3 days without the need for power.
On the 4WD we’ve been busy accessorising, the cage is on the roof, the CB’s installed and the new LED light bar is now wired. In the canopy the tubs have been tested for sizing and quantity and glad to see that a few more tubs will fit across the back.

At home the kids have started gathering toys and books to take. We’ve met with their school teachers as Leonie and I prepare to take on the parent/teacher role for 6 months. The kid’s excitement is contagious and we regularly share a laugh as we speculate on what we might be seeing or doing on this day or at that time within the next 6 months. This has led us to regularly tweaking our travel schedule, as much of what we plan to see and do is based on other peoples experience.

Its not long to go!

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