Tuesday, April 26, 2016

School Holiday Adventure Week

As the kids approached the second week of their April school holidays I decided to have a week off work and spend it with the kids. All too often we never seem to have enough time in our busy lives for our children so I planned to devote my week with the kids.

Our first full day of action was the Tuesday when I took them to the Nowra Tree adventure park. The park is a self-paced high ropes course offering people of varying skill levels the opportunity to fly through the trees or climb rock walls safely. For our kids who have grown up with adventure in their blood we jumped straight in to the 2nd highest skill level. Sam and Ethan quickly grabbed the concept of locking-off their safety lines and we were soon scaling our first adventure….. The course took us across 50m single rope ravines, up rock walls and webbing nets before we took the plunge on our first flying fox, these had the kids buzzing as they sailed along the wire at times for up to 100m long.

We’d soon finished our first course but with adrenalin running high the kids were keen to do another challenge so we started a similar course with equally as many challenges. This course had more suspended logs and novel high wire activities. At one point I had to rescue a boy who’d become stuck in the tangle of ropes and nets. He was fine and soon back on his feet traversing the course. By the time we’d completed our second course time was getting away from us and with other places to go we had to reluctantly leave but with such an adrenalin rush we vowed to return for another expedition.

Wednesday was a day of rest and relaxing around the house before getting back on the adventure wagon. For something a bit different on Thursday we got the canoe out and headed up to the Nepean River for a canoeing trip. For me there was the ulterior motive of a cache being at the end of our paddle, however for the kids it was the excitement of something new. Launching the canoe at Douglas Park and headed down the Nepean, the hustle n bustle of city life soon left us behind as the highway noise gave way to the serenity of birds whistling in the trees and the sound of nothing. After a little while we turned and started paddling up the Cataract River where the river narrowed and the silence grew louder. At the times the only thing we heard was the water tumbling over rock cascades and it was one of these that halted our progress. Thankfully for us it was right near the geocacher so we docked the canoe and spent some time exploring the area on foot. The allure of getting wet was too great for the kids and they’d soon stripped off to their swimmers and were frolicking the cool water.

Time flew by as we swum and explored the river. All too soon it was time to start heading back, the kids each took turns paddling and steering our path down the river. Often we had to duck under fallen trees and around submerged logs but eventually as we rounded the last corner of the river the regrettable sounds of day-to-day life greeted us again. Back on terror-forma the kids had one last swim before we headed for home and another great adventure was complete.

The rest of our week wasn't any slower, after kids sport on the Saturday we headed off for a 4x4 adventure in the Brindabella Ranges outside Canberra, but thats best left for another story.

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