Monday, April 27, 2009

What a week

Its school holidays and that means a week spent with my eldest daughter. We had planned an action packed week. Everything from a trip to the zoo, to some local outdoor activities. Culminating in a weekend camping trip to the Watagans with some friends.

The week started out well, our trip to the zoo was a family affair. We caught a train, had a ride on the ferry and a bus. Most of it as the heavens opened up on us, but that didn’t reduce our enthusiasm, the kids loved seeing all the animals as we wandered around the zoo.

AJ and Sam started swimming classes on Monday morning, but it was Ethan who had us occupied. He’d developed these excruciating pains in his lower tummy. Eventually they become unbearable and we took him to emergency, but some 5hrs late r we were home with no real diagnosis.

Tuesday was my day with the kids and it was none stop go. Swimming first, the Putt-putt golf and then a few caches to find. Plus my parents were at home doing some odd jobs around the place. But once again it was Ethan who stole the show. His stomach pains were back and as strong as ever. Leonie once again took him to emergency, this time we had a slight improvement in the service and diagnosis we received. However some hours later we were told to go home as it would be all-right.

Wednesday started with the usual swimming lessons for the girls. Ethan’s tummy was presently behaving itself. Oh how that would change. The family enjoyed a relaxing day till late afternoon when once again Ethan was screaming the house down. A 3rd trip to emergency was decided, but I could only think that we’d be sent home again unsatisfied with the outcome. Leonie had other ideas and finally we were seen to by a senior doctor who immediately admitted Ethan to the childrens’ ward. While we were no closer to a cause we were thankful that now we may get some proper attention.

Leonie and Ethan spent Wednesday and Thursday night in hospital where Ethan was diagnosed as having a lymph node infection which was restricting bowel movement. Don’t ask me where kids get these things from. Anyway these 2 days were busy with hospital visits, AJ having a sleepover at her friends house and me entertaining the remaining child who hadn’t deserted her Dad. We had dinner out (McDonalds) and then roughed each other up as we played around the house.

Friday was meant to be the day we left for camping, but with Ethan in hospital and possibly only due home today, camping was cancelled for us. The girls both went to swimming lessons where they both graduated to the next level. As a small prize we went to Time-Zone for some fun on the arcade games. The best news of the day was that Ethan was discharged from the hospital, only to come home and once again complain of a sore stomach. Thankfully though, he’s still at home.

Ah! Saturday, and it was my birthday. I think the kids were more excited than I was. It must be something to do with getting older, but each year seems to just flow into the next. I had a lovely breakfast and then took the kids out for a bike ride, which turned out to be a 4WD bash. That we had a few friends over for a BBQ and a few drinks. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.

AJ’s last day of holidays and we had a very early start. Not having gone camping I’d decided to attend a caching event at Oberon. The day was bitterly cold and on 2 occasions we experienced a light shower of snow. The event was a great day, which involved finding brand new caches. In total we found 21 caches for the day, 8 of them were FTF’s. After that we dropped off AJ and then headed for home. Which completed “what a week”.

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