Friday, May 15, 2009

Wave-FM Breakfast Challenge

Some months ago one of the local radio stations contacted us (Wollongong SES) asking whether we could assist them with their breakfast challenge. The request fell to me and after making contact with Wave-FM the challenge was made clear. As it turns out the 3 breakfast presenters are often challenged to undertake some kind of crazy stuff and this time they wanted Wollongong SES to help. It was quickly decided that an abseil from the SES State Headquarters building would be a fitting challenge.

Months of planning were crammed into 10 days when it was decided to combine ‘Volunteers Week’ with the breakfast challenge. Administratively and logistically things slowly fell into place. The day before the planned abseil we met with the 3 presenters for a safety briefing. Jade and Dave were very excited about the challenge while Greg was unsure of just what he’d got himself into.

13th May was jump day, could that be an omen! Time would tell. With many of our VR operators on hand and a few other members helping fly the orange flag we headed to the roof of SHQ. It’s amazing how a 6-story building can look so high from the bottom or likewise from the roof. In actual fact the abseil was probably more like 8 storeys once the basement and roof were included.

A tricky rigging system was required to ensure that 3 abseilers could simultaneously abseil from the building. But soon enough our 3 broadcasters were precariously hanging from their ropes ready to take the plunge. No sooner did they start and Dave was flying to the ground, soon after, Greg touched down and after a small hiccup with Jades excessive friction she too was on the ground. Next to go was the Director General of SES, Murray Kerr. He too showed great skills and was soon on the ground.

After the formalities of the day were complete most of the SES team on hand also shared in the spoils and abseiled from the SES building. What a great day and thank you to my fellow SES members for your assistance.

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