Thursday, June 11, 2009

Long weekend

The June long weekend in our household was a most enjoyable time, spent mostly with family. While Leonie had to work Saturday and Sunday I had promised the kids that we’d go camping. Just Dad and the kids for a night camping at Carrington falls. I don’t know who was more excited, them or me.

After they each packed their own bags we headed off about lunchtime on Saturday, the idea wasn’t to go far but to just be in the bush and it wasn’t long before we were setting up camp. The kids each made their own beds before taking off in search of adventure. We rode our bikes, played by the creek and in general enjoyed the outdoors. I had a fire going as night fell which in itself was fun for the kids. We ate dinner around the fire and it wasn’t long before they were mesmerised by the flames and soon fell asleep.

Sunday was a cool morning, but the kids were up early enjoying being out in the bush and were soon off running around again. While they entertained themselves I packed up and we headed for home. In the afternoon we attended a local caching event. It was the annual Odee’s dog birthday event and once again the kids had a great time playing with everyone while I got to catch up with a few friends.

On Monday we all headed off for a days 4x4ing with a few friends from SES. Our closest playground is the bushland around Yalwal and as always we had a lot of fun exploring the endless tracks that cover this area. No-one had any real damage to report, which was good, but there were a few fun moments where others struggled with various rock steps etc. It truly was a good way to cap off a good long weekend.

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