Wednesday, August 5, 2009

State Rescue Comp 09

This years State Rescue Comp was held within the confines of the Bombo quarry. Teams from all over the state came to enjoy the 2 days of competition. For the first time there was a night component to the event which ensured all the teams were on their toes.

I was a judge on the lifting and stabilising stand. Here teams were confronted with the scenario of having to retrieve a deceased who’d been crushed under a number of very large boulders. What added to the scenario was that fantastic cas-sim which added that touch of realism to the situation. Our manikin who was pinned under a number of 1-tonne blocks had a pigs head, beef mince and blood added to him to give the real affect that he’d been seriously crushed.
Teams had to preserve the crime scene while endeavouring to remove the deceased as quickly and as safely as possible. Each team was assessed on their leadership, teamwork and extrication techniques. Amongst the 7 teams who did our stand there were a vast array of techniques used.

At the conclusion of the competition Waverley-Woollahra was crowned the winner of the “State rescue comp” for the first time.

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