Friday, August 20, 2010

Adenoids, Tonsils and dancing

After 5 years of Ethan not sleeping properly and his prolific sweating becoming a concern we’d had enough. Rarely did a night go by where he didn't wake up which in turn had us awake.

Our local GP referred us to a paediatrician who sent us for a sleep study. This involved Ethan having a night in hospital where he was hooked up to a machine which monitored his sleep patterns throughout the night. The results saw the paediatrician refer us to an E.N.T specialist. After consulting with the specialist he advised us that the first and best course of action would be the removal of Ethan’s adenoids and tonsils.

On the 10th Aug 2010 Ethan was admitted to Figtree Private Hospital for his first operation. He went into surgery at 8.00am and by 9.00am he was back on the ward looking and feeling as though nothing had taken place. How surgery practices had changed from when as a 5 year old I went in for the same operation. Today Ethan was eating jelly, ice cream and custard only hours later while I vaguely recall being very sick and bed ridden for days afterwards. Admittedly Ethan did get a little worse as the drugs wore off but he was such a brave little man and the very day after being operated on he was allowed to go home.

While Ethan was under the knife, Sam was on stage being judged for her primary level Ballet assessment. In what could only be described as freakish timing. Both Sam and Ethan had very important commitments at the same time which had Mum and Dad at opposite ends of the Illawarra. Sam, who loves her dancing, performed beyond expectations receiving a credit pass. I think given half a chance she’d love to make a career out of dancing.

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