Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kids are a year older

Watching the kids grow up is something that I never get sick of watching, they are a constant source of fun, heartache and interesting times. The things they say and do is worthy of a book, I love my kids.

This year AJ turned 11, Samantha 7 and Ethan 5.

They are all growing up fast but it is AJ who is getting to that stage of her life where her body starts to change, she’s maturing to a young woman who loves to dress-up in her trendy clothing, she loves listening to the latest music. However she still enjoys playing with her younger brother and sister.

Samantha just turned 7, but she would tell you she’s 17. Sam is the exhibitionist of the 3 kids. She loves her dancing and will dress-up and dance for hours in front of the mirror. In reality she has done very well with her dancing since starting back at it last year. At school, Sam is doing really well with the teacher offering glowing remarks.

Ethan (our little man) is no longer the baby, he’s a boy with the energy level to match. He loves playing with his Lego, his DS and at every chance loves to get his cars out in the dirt. As I write this he’s been such a brave boy as he recovers from having his tonsils removed.

Mum and Dad love you all

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