Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ethan turns 7

One of the joys in my life is watching the kids grow up and as a proud parent I get great satisfaction in watching them enjoy the spoils of life’s adventures.

Over the past weekend Ethan celebrated his 7th birthday. He kicked off the celebrations with a few of his mates coming over for a small birthday party. In typical 7 year old fashion they were non-stop for 3 hours.
Saturday morning was soccer. This is Ethan’s first year playing and to-date, he loves it. In one of the best displays yet, Ethan played an absolutely fantastic game of soccer. His ability to weave past players, turn on the ball and tackle continuously was a pleasure to watch.

Sunday 24th was Ethan’s birthday and it was no surprise that he was up early in anticipation of receiving his presents. The joy on his face as he opened his presents and sat on his new bike are ones to treasure. The massive new Lego set won Ethan and for the next 3 hours we collectively assembled a new Lego Police station.

To complete the day we surprised Ethan by taking him watch the Matilda soccer team play the Ferns at WIN stadium. The Aussie girls put a good show and I was pleasantly surprised by their soccer ability. The 1-1 draw was a good result considering the Matilda’s were outplayed for most of the game.

Happy Birthday Little man.

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