Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family helicopter ride

There’s something about a ride in a helicopter that gets everyone excited, whether it’s your first ride or you’ve been lucky enough to have had a few rides. So you can imagine the surprise on our kids’ faces when we surprised them with a helicopter flight. Both Leonie and I had gift vouchers that needed to be used so we opted to make the experience a family affair.

Arriving at the Illawarra Regional Airport we were blessed with clear skies and after the obligatory paperwork we were ushered to the waiting area for our turn. Soon enough a smallish helicopter returned from a previous flight. We were given our final instructions and directed to the appropriate doors. The kids and Leonie sat in the back seat while I sat up front with the pilot.

After buckling up and securing the doors we asked the pilot if she would be so kind as to fly over our house as we thought this would be fun to see from above. “No problems” and we were soon lifting off. Everything below us quickly became miniature as we climbed to 2000ft. We were all amazed at the beauty which can only be captured from seeing the vista from the seat of a helicopter.

After a short flight north we were soon buzzing over the top of our house. The kids were amazed by how small our house looked from above. Flying west we ventured up onto the escarpment where we took in views of the water catchment area. From here we headed back towards the airport and soon enough our 15min joy flight was coming to an end.

Reality of our flight ending is when everything returns to normal size and you feel the skids touch the ground.
 What a great way to spend Sunday morning!

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