Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our kids and their sport

As proud parents, all we ever ask of our kids is that they try and do their best at whatever they apply themselves to. On the sporting arena our kids have taken to sports dominated by their gender. Sam is heavily involved with dancing while Ethan loves his soccer and athletics.

Since returning to dancing this year, Sam has been improving tenfold and this year has been a member of a dance troop which has competed in many dance estidfords. Her hard efforts have been rewarded with a 2nd placing at one particular estidford.

Ethan is once again heavily involved in his soccer. He played indoor throughout the summer months and then quickly made the transition to outdoor soccer where he once again plays for Figtree. As an U8 the boys now have goalies, take throw-in and corner kicks, all of which Ethan has taken in his stride. Ethan with his lightning speed has fitted well into the right wing position and has scored a mountain of goals. He’s also been picked to play in a development squad which gives talented boys an opportunity to shine…. In both forms of the game he’s shown great potential.

On the athletics field both kids attended their school athletics carnival and while Sam enjoyed the experience and did her best, it was Ethan’s athleticism that shone through. He finished the day with a 2nd in the 100 & 200m race and 1st in the 400m race and equal 1st in the discus. This achievement was enough for him to secure U8 age champion and a place on the team heading to the zone athletics carnival in August.

Once again we are very proud of our children’s efforts.

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