Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend sport dominates our Winter

Having spent the second half of last year travelling I know Ethan was chomping at the bit to return to his weekend soccer this year. He hadn’t seen many of his soccer friends for quite a while so registration day rolled around he was full of enthusiasm. What was equally rewarding for us as parents but especially me, was to Sam so keen to play Netball for the first time. She’s always been our dancer and still continues down that path but with no encouragement from us Sam was eager to give it a go. She registered at the local club and soon slotted into a team with girls of similar experience. 
Both kids began their respective seasons with gusto, for Ethan his year away from the sport was evident in his speed and ball skills but over time he improved and by year’s end he was once again one of the top 3 players in the team. Collectively as a team the results didn’t fall their way this season with the U10 white team managing only 2 wins and as many draws.

For Sam in here first year of a team sport we couldn’t have been prouder, she started the season not knowing the rules or the positional plays but as the season unfolded Sam held down various positions on the court from both WD to GK and GD, each time she did it with 100% and came off the court having learned something new each time. Similar to her brother’s results they struggled against the more skilled teams winning only 1 or 2 games.

As the season and winter wound up the most pleasing thing for us as parents was to watch the enthusiasm from both our kids as they are both keen to do all again next season…… As a parent I can’t wait  

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