Monday, April 10, 2017

3 Months to go!

They say “time can creep up on you”. I’m not sure how when there are 60sec in a min, 60min in and hr and you know the rest, but in our case time is flying and its now less than 3 months till we head off on our next “Purposeful Meander”. This time there’ll be no meandering as we plan to head to Broome and back within a 2 month period.

Around our house everyone is feeling the excitement as the “little things” are coming together and the “to-do” list is getting smaller. A few weeks back we held a planning meeting where the 4 other vehicles (friends) joining us went through the various items of “must have, desirable and not taking that”. We checked off the various tools, recovery gear, kids’ toys and the like to ensure nothing would be forgotten. Fuel strategies and timings got a shake down with everyone feeling the buzz that goes with such a big trip.

With the weather being the biggest factor out of our control we’re hoping by picking the “dry season” to travel the outback tracks through Central Australia and NW Western Australia will be enjoyable, not punishing.

Bring on the 8th July!!

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